El Jardin



masculine noun

a. garden 
Mi sueño es vivir en una casa con un jardín grande repleto de flores. My dream is to live in a house with a big garden full of flowers.

b. yard (United States) 
Mis dos hijos están jugando en el jardín. My two sons were playing in the yard.


The name comes from my love of nature. It fascinates me how life emerges so consistently and with so much force; the push to sprout, to bloom, to grow in the spring/summer and the intelligence of conserving energy during the dormant states in the winter.  A garden is something you tend, you train and enjoy.

My personal practice has advanced, with the help of wonderful teachers, towards listening to similar natural rhythms. I aspire to offer that attention to what each person needs through massage and yoga. There are times to push, to expand, to grow and times to relax, listen deeply, collect. 

Our bodies are so diverse, and there is so much beauty in that. Your yoga practice should put your own particular anatomy and phase of life (both in the big picture and seasonally) in the center. I offer a range of therapeutic massage techniques with the same idea in mind.

Our bodies are our instruments of connection, pleasure and evolution. My work is to help you heal it, make it more receptive, more awake. 

My vision is that by assisting you and your body-mind to achieve their full potential, something else happens and a beautiful chain of openings occurs. Happier bodies, happier minds, happier people.